STORYCORD workshops align with your Access program objectives.


Enhances English Language Skills

• Digital storytelling provides a platform for your students to practice speaking and understanding in English through creating and sharing their stories in English.

• By working on their digital stories, your students can improve their language proficiency, vocabulary, and grammar.


Develops Communication and Critical Thinking

• Digital storytelling encourages your students to think critically as they plan, organize, and present their stories.

• Your students learn how to effectively communicate their ideas, thoughts, and emotions in English.


Offers Fun and Age Appropriate Activities

• Digital storytelling offers fun and age-appropriate activity for your students to improve their English skills.

• In digital storytelling, your students express themselves, and explore their imagination in an enjoyable way.


Provides Community Engagement

• In digital stories, your students share perspectives about their volunteer projects.

• Your students can publish digital stories on their service projects that make a difference in their communities, contributing to positive change.


Offers Comprehensive Learning

• Digital storytelling aligns with Access program’s goals of teaching English language skills, introducing American culture and values, and fostering computer literacy.

• Your students learn how to use computers, the internet, and a video-editing program to create their own digital stories.


Supports Personal Growth and Leadership.

• Through digital story telling, your students have the opportunity to grow as individuals and prepare for leadership exchange program interviews.

Listen to a Digital Mentor

Sabohat Abdulloeva
Alumna of English ACCESS and FLEX


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